FROM BLW ... THE Western Pacific California Zephyr Set!

Prior to the formation of Amtrak, the California Zephyr (the CZ, or "Silver Lady")
was a passenger train operated jointly by the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad (CB&Q),
Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (D&RGW) and Western Pacific Railroad (WP).

The CB&Q, D&RGW and WP inaugurated "The most talked about train in America
on March 19, 1949. It was purposely scheduled so that the train passed through the most
spectacular scenery in the daylight.


The Western Pacific California Zephyr Set includes:

EMD FP7 ABA "805 A" "805 B" "805 D" with custom sounds and custom cab

California Zephyr  18 cars

1 WP Baggage : Silver Beaver
2 WP Coach : Silver Palm, Silver Poplar
2 WP Sleeper : 6-5 Silver Crane, Silver Swallow
2 WP Sleeper : 10-6 Silver Canyon, Silver Mpuntain
1 WP Diner : Silver Platter
4 WP Dome Coach : Silver Feather, Silver Palace, Silver Schooner, Silver Thistle
1 CB&Q Sleeper 10-6 : Silver Falls
1 D&RGW Sleeper 10-6 : Silver Creek
1 CB&Q Dome Coach : Silver Lodge
1 D&RGW DOME Coach : Silver Bronco
1 WP Dome/Obs Bar Lounge : Silver Cresent
1 WP Dome/Obs Bar Lounge : Silver Planet


As a complement to the California Zephyr during the 1950's, the Western Pacific
offered its
Zephyrette service, a local passenger train operated using Budd built
RDC-2 rail diesel cars.  This run at 972 miles from Oakland to Salt Lake City was
the longest ever utilizing these self-propelled cars.  Sadly, WP's two cars were
damaged and scrapped by later owners.

RDC-2 number 375 & 376

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and more


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Inside Virtual View in the F7, F3, Coach, DomeCoach, Diner & Observation car...

When you use MSTSBin you can switch in all the inside views


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Screenshots by Rail Sim Images taken on  3DTRAINS WP FEATHER RIVER ROUTE

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PC23thm.jpg (4579 bytes) PC24thm.jpg (5096 bytes) PC25thm.jpg (4320 bytes)

Screenshots by Rail Sim Images taken on AOSub from VScaleCreations & GN Hi Line - Michael Stephan

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PC23thm.jpg (4579 bytes) PC24thm.jpg (5096 bytes) PC25thm.jpg (4320 bytes)

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