FROM BLW/ZT... The Southern Railway Passenger Set!

BLW/ZT Southern Railway passenger set.

When most of American rails were busy abandoning passenger rail service to Amtrak.
Southern Railway President Graham Claytor refused to follow, instead,
he kept Southern Railway passenger service independent. He repainted his E8s into the
classic green & white with gold striping/lettering
and added a 'Southern Crescent' logo to the nose of each E8.

Gaetan and I are proud to release this Southern Railway Passenger set "Amtrak minus one".
The trains depicted in this set represent what the Southern Railway would have been
running just prior to the start of Amtrak in May of 1971.
This set represents the highest level of detail we have offered so far,
frame rates may be a little lower on MSTS, but the models run extremely well on Open Rails.


"The BLW/ZT Southern Railway Passenger set" includes the following:

EMD E8A (green white gold)

EMD E7A (black white gold)
805 (Central of Georgia)
807 (Central of Georgia)

EMD FP7 (black white gold)

REAX Express Reefers

Heavyweight Baggage cars
4 wheel - 503, 509
4 wheel - 1401 (Norfolk & Western)
6 wheel - 423, 427, 4527, 4530

Lightweight ACF Passenger cars
Baggage Dorm 710
Combine 390 (Central of Georgia)
Coaches 660, 662, 663 (Central of Georgia)
Grill Lounge 690 (Central of Georgia)

Lightweight Budd Passenger cars
Coaches 818, 820, 827, 833
Coach 646 "Fort Oglethorpe" (Central of Georgia)
Diner 3307
10-6 Sleeper SP-292 (Southern Pacific)

Lightweight Pullman Standard Passenger cars
Domes 1602, 1613
Coach 534 (Norfolk & Western)
Baggage 9179
10-6 Sleeper "Enoree River"
10-6 Sleeper "Tugalo River"
10-6 Sleeper "Suwanee River"
10-6 Sleeper "Ocmulgee River"
10-6 Sleeper "Alapaha River"
2-1 Buffet Lounge "Crescent Moon"

Four consists included
"Southern Crescent"
"Birmingham Special"
"Asheville Special"
"Nancy Hanks II (Central of Georgia)"

This set took a lot of time and a lot of help. We would like to thank:

Mark Blum - photos & SOU expertise
Jon Clark - critique on our E8 bogies, which led to a new design
Stephen Burr - photos and beta testing
David Carleton - Passenger car drawings, detailed knowledge and beta testing
Fred Frailey - Southern Railway consists books
Steve Thomas - Polymaster help, which allowed me to add so much more detail
Dave Brendorfer - Graciously allowed us to use his Nathan M5 Horn
Pete Willard - For Southern font
Uli Ehlers and the rest of the BLW/ZT testing team
Rod McLauchlan for his excellent screen shots - for other fonts used in this set

BLW & ZosaTrains Locomotive Add-on for Microsoft® Train Simulator.
Copyright© BLW & ZosaTrains. All Rights Reserved.



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