BLW/ZosaTrains Presents The New Haven Equipments Pack

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The New Haven Railroad was formed in 1872 and disappeared into Penn Central on January 1, 1969.  In all of that time the mostly widely recognized symbol of the railroad is the stacked block NH logo and the red black and white color scheme.  This scheme was commissioned by New Haven Railroad President Patrick B. McGinnis and developed by Herbert Matter, Asst. Professor at the Yale University School of Design.  Though McGinnis was head of the New Haven for only 2 years (1954-56), the image that was created during his regime still exists 40 years later on commuter equipment owned by the state of Connecticut. 

Belanger Locomotive Works and ZosaTrains are proud to introduce the New Haven Railroad Alco fleet of 1955-65.   These locomotives display both the McGinnis/Matter scheme as well as the simplified scheme used during the final years of the New Haven. 

Gaetan Belanger (BLW) has modified his Alco models to more accurately represent the New Haven versions, including lowered cab roofs on the Alco S-1 and S-2 and train control hardware on the RS-2 and RS-3 models.  Rick Franzosa (ZosaTrains) has used a combination of photographs from his collection as a basis to accurately represent these models as they appeared in the late 1950’s.

 This set includes: 

New Haven class DER-2a (Alco FA-1) – 4 units

New Haven class DER-2b (Alco FB-1) – 2 units

New Haven class DER-2c (Alco FB-2) – 2 units

New Haven class DER-3a (Alco PA-1) – 6 units

New Haven class DERS-1b (Alco RS-1) – 1 unit

New Haven class DERS-2b (Alco RS-2) – 1 unit

New Haven class DERS-2c (Alco RS-3) – 4 units

New Haven class DEY-3 (Alco S-1) – 2 units

New Haven class DEY-5 (Alco S-2) – 1 unit

New Haven class NE-3A (Steel caboose) – 1 unit

New Haven class NE-5 (Steel caboose) – 4 units


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ONLY $12.99 USD!!

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