Belanger Locomotive Works (BLW) and ZosaTrains present....

                                                                   The Northeast Caboose Mega-Pack

Forty five caboose models!!!

Many railroads in the middle Atlantic states standardized on a caboose style refered to by railfans as the "Northeast Caboose". Most of the roads that owned this style wound up being swallowed up by Conrail in 1976, and many of these cabooses have enjoyed a 2nd and 3rd life beyond Conrail.

Belanger Locomotive Works created an initial model of the ubiquitous Northeast caboose for the inaugural Lehigh and New England set. The model resurfaced in several other sets.

At the request of some Valleypass members, ZosaTrains has reskinned the BLW models to reproduce a wide variety of NE Cabooses. They are being offered along with Gaetan's originals:

From the Conrail family tree:

- Central New Jersey in four varieties

- Cedar Rapids & Iowa City (former Reading)

- Conrail (former Reading)

- Delaware & Hudson in two varieties (former Lehigh Valley)

- Erie Lackawanna (BLW Original)

- Lehigh & Hudson River (BLW Original)

- Lehigh & New England (BLW Original) (C)

- Lehigh Valley in four varieties

- Penn Central (2 BLW and one new)

- Reading in three varieties

Other roads:

- Baltimore & Ohio (BLW Original)

- NYSW (BLW Original)

- Norfolk & Western (BLW Original)

- Western Maryland in four varieties including Chessie

Bonus set!!!

As an added bonus, we have also added New England Caboose models.


- Boston & Maine (BLW/ZT reissue)

- New Haven (BLW/ZT reissue)


- Boston & Maine (BLW/ZT reissue)

- Chicago Great Western in two varieties

- New Haven (BLW/ZT reissue)

- Penn Central

N8B (modified NE-5)

- Conrail

- Penn Central

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                                                                      Gaetan and Rick hope you enjoy this set

                                                              Belanger Locomotive Works / ZosaTrains (C) 2007

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ONLY $ 11.99 USD!!

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