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In 1955 the Union Pacific decided to break out of their agreement with the Chicago and Northwestern
to use the C&NW and Northwestern Station in Chicago as their Chicago terminal. 
The Union Pacific did not go all the way to Chicago, so they had to use some other railroads for their
Eastern connection.  At that time the C&NW had been to some degree like a part of the UP, and it was
reasonable to conclude that it was just a matter of time until the UP would buy the C&NW. 

The UP put their passenger trains onto the Milwaukee Road instead.  For whatever reasons, it got very
bitter between the UP and the C&NW.

The Milwaukee jumped right in.  The agreement required the Milwaukee to paint all the cars in the
through trains into "Streamliner Yellow".  They didn't have to paint everything yellow, but after a
while they did.  It must have been a real thumb in the eye to the C&NW to see the Milwaukee trains
painted in the colors of their former partner!

The Hiawathas were named passenger trains operated by the Chicago, Milwaukee,
St. Paul and Pacific Railroad (also known as the Milwaukee Road), and traveled from Chicago
to the Twin Cities in Minnesota. The first Hiawatha trains ran in 1935.


The Milwaukee Hiawatha/UP Set includes:

4 EMD FP7A & 2 FP7B Hiawatha with custom sounds and custom cab

18 Cars

1 MILW Baggage Car
1 MILW Coach 52 seats
1 MILW Coach 46 seats
1 MILW Diner
1 MILW Lounge
2 MILW Parlor
1 MILW SuperDome
1 MILW Sleeper 8-6-4
1 MILW Sleeper 10-6
1 MILW Sleeper 16-4
4 MILW Touralux
1 MILW SkyTop The Coffee Creek
1 MILW SkyTop The Cedar Rapids

Inside View in the F7, Domecar, Parlor, Lounge, Touralux and beautiful virtual Skytop view etc...

When you use MSTSBin you can switch in all the inside views


But wait... that's not all!

Also included is a Free Bonus

Union Pacific F7 ABBA

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ONLY $14.99 USD!!

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The Packs is available by download Only.

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