FROM BLW ... The MILW Hiawatha Set !

The Hiawathas were named passenger trains operated by the Chicago, Milwaukee,
St. Paul and Pacific Railroad (also known as the Milwaukee Road), and traveled from Chicago
to the Twin Cities in Minnesota. The first Hiawatha trains ran in 1935.

By 1947, there were five routes carrying the Hiawatha name:

* The Twin Cities Hiawatha — the main line route From Chicago,
Milwaukee to St. Paul and Minneapolis;
* The North Woods Hiawatha — a spur route off the Chicago-Minnesota
     main line leading from New Lisbon, Wisconsin to Minocqua, Wisconsin
* The Chippewa-Hiawatha — connected Chicago to Ontonagon in Michigan's
Upper Peninsula via Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin.
* The Midwest Hiawatha — utilized the Milwaukee Road's mainline across Illinois
and Iowa to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Omaha, Nebraska
(the train split into two parts in Manilla, Iowa).
* The Olympian Hiawatha — which traversed the Milwaukee mainline
from Chicago-Twin Cities-Seattle/Tacoma.

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The Milwaukee Hiawatha Set includes:

2 EMD FP7A & 1 FP7B Hiawatha with custom sounds and custom cab

2 EMD F7A & 1 F7B Freight with custom sounds and custom cab

18 Cars

1 MILW Baggage Car
1 MILW Coach 52 seats
1 MILW Coach 46 seats
1 MILW Diner
1 MILW Lounge
2 MILW Parlor
1 MILW SuperDome
1 MILW Sleeper 8-6-4
1 MILW Sleeper 10-6
1 MILW Sleeper 16-4
4 MILW Touralux
1 MILW SkyTop The Coffee Creek
1 MILW SkyTop The Cedar Rapids

Inside View in the F7, Domecar, Parlor, Lounge, Touralux and beautiful virtual Skytop view etc...

When you use MSTSBin you can switch in all the inside views


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ONLY $14.99 USD!!

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The Packs is available by download Only.

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Screen shots by Rail Sim Images taken on WHITEFISH 4 - Hawk's & GN Hi Line - Michael Stephan


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