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The 1947 & 1951 GN Empire Builder Passenger set

(from Wikipedia)
The original Empire Builder was inaugurated by the Great Northern on June 11, 1929, and
displaced the Oriental Limited as the railroad's premier train.
The new train was named in honor of railroad tycoon James J. Hill, who reorganized several failing railroads
into the Great Northern Railway and extended the line to the Pacific Northwest in the late 19th century
(Hill's nickname was "The Empire Builder").
The service was altered to carry additional passengers during World War II. After the war, new streamlined,
diesel-powered trains were placed into service.
This postwar service began on February 23, 1947. The train was fully re-equipped again in 1951.

The GN 1947 Empire Builder Passenger Set

GN E7A #505
GN E7A #503
RPO-Baggage         GN    #1107    
60-seat coach     GN    #1112   
48-seat coach        GN    #1122    
48-seat coach        SP&S    #350    
48-seat coach        GN    #1132    
Lunch/Dorm        GN    #1142     St. Mary Lake
Diner         CB&Q    #1154     Lake Michigan
8-4-4 Sleeper        GN    #1162     Dawson Pass
16-4 Sleeper    GN    #1175    Oberlin Glacier
16-4 Sleeper        CB&Q    #1179     Siyeh Glacier
8-4-4 Sleeper    GN    #1164    Piegan Pass
6-4-1 lounge obs    CB&Q    #1194     Marias River

Include virtual View ( key 5 on keyboard ) for few cars and engines

The GN 1951 Empire Builder Passenger Set

GN F3A #275A
GN F3B #358B
GN F3A #275B
RPO (60)        GN    #38    
Express Car        GN    #2646        
Baggage         GN    #273    
Baggage Dorm         GN    #1203    
60-seat Coach     GN    #1213   
48-seat coach        GN    #1218    
48-seat coach        GN    #1221    
48-seat coach        GN    #1227    
Ranch car        GN    #1243      Iceberg Lake   
36-seat diner     CB&Q    #1250      Lake of the Isles
7-4-3-1 sleeper     SP&S    #702      Snake River
6-5-2 sleeper        GN    #1371      Pitamakin Pass   
7-4-3-1 sleeper    GN    #1265      Chumstick River   
7-4-3-1 sleeper    GN    #1370      Tobacco River   

6-5-2 sleeper        GN    #1371      Rogers Pass   
6-5-2 sleeper        CB&Q    #1382      Blewett Pass   
obs-buffet-lounge.     GN    #1290      Appekunny Mountain 

Include virtual View ( key 5 on keyboard ) for few cars and engines


But wait... that's not all!

Also included is a Free Bonus

FT GN A-B-B-A  #402A  #402B  #402C  #402D

Every effort was made to accurately capture the look and feel of this famous name train.
Special Thanks to the folks are for the excellent Empire Builder font.

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