FROM BLW/ZT ... The GN Freight Set!

One of the most attractive paint schemes among North American Railroads, the Great Northern orange green and yellow scheme created for the 'Empire Builder' was also applied to freight diesels as the GN dieselized. Eventually, the scheme was simplified to a green and orange scheme before being replaced by the 'Big Sky Blue' scheme in 1967.

Belanger Locomotive Works and ZosaTrains present a Great Northern freight set to compliment our Empire Builder. The set includes 23 locomotives, 3 cabooses and several freight cars.

The GN Freight Set Include

Empire Builder paint
GN F-7A #312C                      GN FA-2 #277A
GN F-7B #314B                      GN FB-2 #278B
GN F-7B #458C                      GN FA-2 #277B
GN F-7A #456A

GN S-2 #2                                GN S-2 #9

GN RS-2 #209                         GN RS-2 #215

GN RS-3 #223

Simplified Green/Orange paint
GN F-7A #308C                     GN FA-2 #278A
GN F-7B #452B                     GN FB-2 #279B
GN F-7B #309B                     GN FA-2 #279A
GN F-7A #448D

GN S-2 #5

GN RS-2 #213                        GN RS-2 #217

GN RS-3 #221

Steel Caboose
X-255       X-258          X-259

Coal Hopper
70101       70126         70153

Covered Hopper

Box Cars
11867        27424          32105

Include virtual View ( key 5 on keyboard ) for all engines

Every effort was made to accurately capture the look and feel of this famous trains.
Special Thanks to the folks are for the excellent Empire Builder font.

ONLY $ 14.99 USD!!

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ONLY $ 14.99 USD!!

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Screen shots by Rail Sim Images taken on VSC's A&O Sub , WHITEFISH 4 - Hawk's & GN Hi Line - Michael Stephan

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