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The Gulf, Mobile and Ohio was a Class I railroad in the central United States whose primary routes
extended from Mobile, Alabama, and New Orleans, Louisiana, to St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri,
as well as Chicago, Illinois.

From its two parallel lines through eastern Mississippi, the GM&O also served Montgomery and
Birmingham, Alabama, as well as Memphis, Tennessee.

The GM&O Railroad was the first "large" railroad in the United States to replace
all its steam locomotives with diesels.

The Alton named the train after Ann Rutledge, a woman from New Salem, Illinois,
who may have been the first love of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.
The Ann Rutledge used the Lincoln's original lightweight equipment set, while the
received a matching set originally used by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's
This cars is 12' 8" height !

The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad (GM&O) continued the Ann Rutledge upon its merger
with the Alton in 1947. The GM&O ended the Ann Rutledge on April 27, 1958.


The BLW GM&O Pack includes:

(Big set of 317 megs of stuffs)

27 engines
13 passenger cars
34 freight cars
1 caboose

F3A "800B" "801B" & "806B"
F3B "B61"
FP3A "807B" "880A" "881A" "883A" & "884A"
FP3B "B81" & "B82"

F7A "812A" & "813A"
F7B "B72"

E7A "100" "101" "102" & "103"

FA1 "728" & "730"
FB1 "B24"

RS1 "1113" & "1115"
RS3 "1515" & "1518"
S2 "10" & " 11"

Passenger cars

Baggage/RPO "52" Heavy Weight
Coach "5801" "5802" & "5804"
Parlor "5930" "5931" "5932" & "5933"
Tavern/lounge "5800" & "5803"
Diner "5700"
Obs/Lounge Ann Lutledge "5998" & Abraham Lincoln "5999"

Freight cars
Boxcars 40' "21224" "22318" "24945" "26911" "27018" "427758" & "427863" Loaded and Empty
Boxcars 50' "55011" "55349" & "59370"
all with empty open doors

Caboose "2622"

Extra freight cars addon
Cover Hopper "80033" & "80601" load and empty
Pulpwood Flatcar "3866" "3894" & "4102" load and empty
Cover Hopper airslide"85007" & "85019" load and empty

All with custom sounds, custom cab and Night Cab
All with virtual cab

We hope you enjoy this new set from BLW!


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