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The Zephyr Train

The Rio Grande Zephyr was a passenger train operated by Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
(D&RGW or Rio Grande) between Denver, Colorado and Ogden, Utah in the Western United States.
It operated from 1970 until 1983. In operation after Amtrak began taking over most passenger rail,
the Rio Grande Zephyr was the last privately operated intercity passenger train in the United States.

The train was a remnant of the original California Zephyr,
which was jointly operated by the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad,
Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad and Western Pacific Railroad.
This iteration of the Zephyr ended operations on March 22, 1970,
when the Western Pacific discontinued its portion.


The Royal Gorge and Prospector Train

Anticipating increases in overnight Denver-Salt Lake City rail passenger traffic after the end of World War II,
the Rio Grande restored the Prospector on October 1, 1945 using conventional heavyweight equipment.
The railroad also began planning the acquisition of new equipment for the train.
Soon, the Rio Grande purchased 28 new, lightweight passenger cars built by Pullman-Standard
— equipment that had been ordered by the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway,
but never used by them. The streamlined cars began service on the Prospector in 1950.

For most of the Prospector's existence, the train also carried cars belonging to the
railroad's Royal Gorge passenger train between Grand Junction, Colorado and Salt Lake City.
Between 1950 and 1953 the train's western terminus was extended from Salt Lake City to Ogden.

The Prospector made its final runs on May 28, 1967.


The "BLW DRGW Passenger Set!" Set includes :

7 engines
23 Wagons

2 F9A "5771" & "5774"
2 F9B "5762" & "5763"
2 PA1 "6001" & "6011"
1 PB1 "6002"
1 Steam Generator "252" ( converted PB1 )

RGZ included

1 Combine "1231"
1 Coach "Aspen 1120"
1 Coach "Pine 1121"
1 Dome "Silver Colt 1106"
1 Dome "Silver Mustang 1107"
1 Dome "Silver Bronco 1105"
1 Dome "Silver Pony 1108"
1 Dome "SIlver Shop 1140"
1 Diner "Silver Banquet 1115"
1 Observation "Silver Sky 11454"

Royal Gorge and Prospector

1 Baggage "1212"
1 RPO "1202"
1 Combine "1230"
1 Coach "1240"
1 Lounge "Castle Gate 1290"
1 Diner "MT.Timpanogos 1280"
1 Sleeper "David Moffatt 1271"
1 Sleeper "John Evans 1270"
1 Sleeper "Brigham Young 1272"
1 Sleeper "Heber C.Kimball 1273"
1 OBS/Dome "1248"
1 Observation "kansas"

3 consists included
1 Rio Grande Zephyrs 1974 with F9 & Steam Generator
1 Rio Grande Zephyrs 1973 with F9
1 Royal Gorge and Prospector with PA



F7A "5571" & "5591"
F7B "5572"
PA1 "600" "601"
PB1 "600b"

Original Cab & Sound, F7 F9 & PA

We hope you enjoy this new set from BLW!


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Also included as a Bonus PA1 & F7

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