FROM BLW ... THE CN Passenger PACK!

The old MLW/ALCO FPA4's, EMD F7's & Budd RDC Engines lives again in the world of MSTS!

The CN Passenger Pack features the Alco/MLW FPA4 ( 2engines ) & FPB4 engines with a 251b 1800 HP. Also included the Pullman cars from CN !

One Baggage Car

One Combine Car

One Coach ( with high resoluton Virtual inside car )

Four Sleeper cars

One Diner Car ( with high resoluton Virtual inside car )

One Observation cars

As with the CN Passenger Pack set, the FPA4 engines use a photo-realistic CABVIEW!  BUT... there's something also for FPA4 : A high resoluton V cabs ! (Accessed by pressing the 5 key.)

Also Complete CN RDC Fleet

RDC1 RDC2 RDC3 and the rare engine RDC4 ! all with my New RDC Cab !

New Rotofans on FUnit

And is not all, with the CN Passenger Pack come the CN FP9A & FP9B

just click on image

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ONLY $ 14.99 USD!!

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The Packs is available by download Only.

You can contact us at

ValleyPass Club Forum

Click the thumbnails below to see production equipment examples!!

All screen shots by Rail Sim Images and Gaetan Belanger were taken on VSC's A&O Sub & Niagara Corridor from MLT

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