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Burlington Northern Railroad was the product of a March 2, 1970, merger comprising the Great Northern Railway,
the Northern Pacific Railway, the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, and the Spokane,
Portland and Seattle Railway, and other, small, wholly jointly-owned subsidiaries. Consent for this
merger came only on the fourth attempt dating back to the days of James J. Hill, but for many years
they shared a headquarters building in Saint Paul, Minnesota, until the merger was finally approved.

On November 21, 1980, the former St. Louis - San Francisco Railway was acquired. In 1981,
corporate headquarters of parent Burlington Northern Inc. were moved to Seattle, Washington,
and in 1988, after its non-rail operations were spun off as Burlington Resources, to Houston, Texas.

On December 31, 1996, Burlington Northern merged with the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
to form the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, whose name was later shortened to BNSF Railway.


The BLW BN Freight Pack includes:

13 engines
118 Wagons
3 Cabooses

3   GP7m(GP10) "1403" "1411" & "1415"
2   GP7 "1606" & "1619"
1   F3A "702a" rare engine
2   F7A "732a" & "738b"
2   F7B "725b" & "741b"
6   Boxcars MT & LD
6   Tankcars MT & LD
7   Reefers MT & LD
12 Wood Chip Cars MT & LD
8   Bulkhead Flat Cars  MT + MT with Racks + 2 Bundles Loads & 3 Different Log Loads
2   Cabooses "12023" & "12425"

10 consists included

and Bonuses

2 GP18 "1991" & "1994" rare engines

1 GP9B "600" rare engine

1 GN Merger Cabbose "10066"

Original Cab & Sound

GP7m new cabview (night cab), F7 New Cabview (night cab)

We hope you enjoy this new set from BLW!


BLW (C) 2011



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ONLY $ 21.99 USD!!

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Screenshots by Rail Sim Images taken on  3DTRAINS WP FEATHER RIVER ROUTE

PC23thm.jpg (4579 bytes) PC24thm.jpg (5096 bytes) PC25thm.jpg (4320 bytes)
PC23thm.jpg (4579 bytes) PC24thm.jpg (5096 bytes) PC25thm.jpg (4320 bytes)
PC23thm.jpg (4579 bytes) PC24thm.jpg (5096 bytes) PC25thm.jpg (4320 bytes)
PC23thm.jpg (4579 bytes) PC24thm.jpg (5096 bytes) PC25thm.jpg (4320 bytes)

S_39thm.jpg (5176 bytes)

New GP7m unit Cabview


New Funit Cabview

S_31thm.jpg (7194 bytes) S_32thm.jpg (5402 bytes) S_33thm.jpg (5883 bytes) S_34thm.jpg (6321 bytes) S_35thm.jpg (5635 bytes)

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