BLW/ZosaTrains Presents The Boston & Maine Equipment Pack

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The B&M and its predecessor companies made possible the development of New England’s principal mill towns. Shipments of grain, ice, lumber, meat, and produce over its rails contributed to the expansion of Boston as a market center and a great port city. Through its connection with other railroads, the B&M sent its passenger cars to Washington, New York, Chicago, Montreal, and Halifax.

At its peak B&M maintained over 2300 route miles of track, 1200 steam locomotives, and a force of 28,000 employees. The road’s principal shops were located at Billerica, Mass. and Concord, N.H. Major yards were found at Boston, East Deerfield, Mass., Portland, Me. and Mechanicville, N.Y.

The B&M dieselized early with EMD FTs. For passenger service, the B&M ordered eight Budd RDCs 1952 and 1953, but by the time the decade was over, they had replaced all locomotive-hauled passenger service (except run-throughs) with a fleet of 110 Budd RDC’s, including RDC-1 coaches, RDC-2 baggage/coach combines, RDC-3 baggage/RPO/coach combines, and the unique cab-less RDC-9s.

Belanger Locomotive Works and ZosaTrains are proud to introduce the Boston and Maine Railroad equipment pack.   These locomotives display both the original Maroon and Gold paint scheme, and the blue, black and white scheme introduced by Patrick B McGinnis when he took over the B&M after his ouster from the New Haven. 

Gaetan Belanger (BLW) has modified his Alco RS-3 to more accurately represent the Boston & Maine versions, as well as creating new models for the RDC-3 and RDC-9.   Rick Franzosa (ZosaTrains) has used a combination of photographs from his collection as a basis to accurately represent these models as they appeared in the late 1960’s.

This set includes: 

Boston & Maine class DRS-1e (Alco RS-3) – 2 units

Boston & Maine class DF-3b (EMD F-7A) – 4 units

Boston & Maine class DF-3b (EMD F-7B) – 4 units

Boston & Maine class class DS-3b (Alco S-1) – 1 unit

Boston & Maine class DS-4b (Alco S-2) – 2 units

Boston & Maine RDC-1 Coach – 4 units

Boston & Maine RDC-2 Baggage/Coach – 2 units

Boston & Maine RDC-3 Baggage/RPO/Coach – 1 unit

Boston & Maine RDC-9 Cabless Coach – 2 units

Boston & Maine class NE-3A (Steel caboose) – 2 units

Boston & Maine class NE-5 (Steel caboose) – 2 units



B&M E7 - Used for many B&M long distance passenger trains postwar until their replacement by Budd cars


- The original 4 F7A and 4 F7B models from the B&M set upgraded to the latest BLW F7 shape with rotating fans 

- New B&M F3 (Phase IV) A-B set in McGinnis/Matter Blue Black & White #4228 & #4228B 

- New B&M F3 (Phase IV) A-B set in Maroon and Gold #4227 & #4227B 

- New B&M F2 A-B set in McGinnis/Matter Blue Black & White #4225 & #4225B 

These locomotives were used in pairs on long distance passenger trains (Montrealer, Ambassador, etc)

long after Budd cars replaced locomotive hauled trains for all commuter runs. 

The A-B sets were required, as only the 'B' units had steam generators. Two consists are also included for the F2 and F3 models. 

BONUS 2 - FT / F2 Set 

This bonus includes 2 FTA-B pairs, 4200A-4200B and 4222A-4222B 

Also include are F2A 4224 and a new shape file for F2A 4225. The B&M ran FTA-FTB-F2 sets on freights in the 1940s-1950s.


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