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The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, often abbreviated as Santa Fe,
was one of the larger railroads in the United States. The company was first chartered in February 1859.
Although the railway was named in part for the capital of New Mexico, its main line never
reached there as the terrain made it too difficult to lay the necessary tracks
(Santa Fe was ultimately served by a branch line from Lamy, New Mexico).

El Capitan was the first of Santa Fe's trains to utilize the "Big Dome"-Lounge cars,
though these were soon given to the Chief  in favor of new double-decker "Hi-Level" coaches
developed by Budd and the railroad in 1955. These experimental units featured a quieter ride,
increased seating capacities, and boasted better views of the Southwestern terrain El Cap passed
through and made this train unique and revolutionary. Amtrak's Superliner equipment,
which was placed in service along many of Amtrak's long distance routes,
were based on the Santa Fe Hi-Level design.
The Superliners were designed to be operated along with older Hi-Level cars.


The ATSF Hi-Level Passenger Set include :

12 engines
18 Wagons

7 E8A "Warbonnet Red" "80" "81" "83" "84" "85" "86" "87"
2 E8B "Warbonnet Red" "80a" "82a"
2 F3A "Warbonnet Red" "25C" "26C
1 F3B "Warbonnet Red" "24b"
1 Baggage car 73' "3440"
1 Baggage/Dormitory car (transition car) "3477"
2 HiLevel step down coaches "68 seats" "528" "532"
6 HiLevel coaches "72 seats" "700" "704" "716" "719" "723" "725"
1 HiLevel Dining car "652"
1 HiLevel Bar Lounge car"576"

1 Baggage car 85'
1 Coach
1 Diner
1 Sleeper
1 SuperDome
1 Observation

6 consists included

Original Cab & Sound, E8 and F3 new cabview and Vcab

And Music in the Lounge


4 ATSF Sleepers Pine series
2 ATSF Sleepers Blue series
3 ATSF Sleepers Regal series
2 Coach 44 seats
1 Lounge/Observation

We hope you enjoy this new set from BLW!


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New E8 and F3 Cabview



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