From BLW & Piston Pete Productions... The Alco Sound Pack!

We at BLW are proud to offer to you the finest Alco sound available for MSTS !

When driving your Alco you
will now hear sound that is for the most part authentic for that Alco;
so if you drive your RS11, you actually will hear real RS11!
or drive your RS3 and hear real RS3!

This sound files are totally awesome !

You need that if you are an real Alco lovers !

Short Video Sample

We have gone far into details when creating these sounds. For instance
almost each loco has its own braking squeal; some have authentic cab
sound, traction motor sound etc.

The pack currently comprises 10 Alco locomotives:

S4, RS3, RS11, C420, C424, C430, FA, PA, RSD15, T6

Other Alco series with (nearly) the same engine specifications will be
aliased; for instance, C425 with C424, C630 with C430 & S2 with S4.

Included are Installer Updates for each BLW Pack for sale currently
and for the VScale AOSub Pack.

And for buyers who would like to use them with other engines you have
just to use the SMS files included in Common.Snd folder under each Alco


SP RSD15 Gator

Click the thumbnails below to see production equipment examples!!

Screen shots by Rail Sim Images taken on AOSub from VscaleCreations

SP_01Bthm.jpg (5943 bytes)  SP_01Bthm.jpg (5943 bytes)

ONLY $ 17.99 USD!!

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ONLY $ 17.99 USD!!

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The Packs is available by download Only.

You can contact us at

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