FROM BLW and ZosaTrains ... THE BLW/ZT Amtrak Heritage Northwest set !

The second in a series of Amtrak Heritage Sets

Each set will include 20-24 Amtrak Heritage cars and 4-6 locomotives. Actual 1974 consists are included for each regional set.

The four planned sets will include 70+ cars and 18-20 locomotives.


 Special thanks to
- Steve Thomas "mestevet" for his help in researching the consists.
- for the fonts used in these sets.


The BLW/ZT Amtrak Heritage Northeast set: 

10 engines

21 cars

Set Two - Amtrak Heritage Northwest:


E9A #406
E9A #436
E8A #9950 (BN-CB&Q)
E8A #9971 (BN-CB&Q)
E9B #454 (MILW)
E9B #472
F7A #101
F7A #106
F7B #399
F7B #364B (GN)

Baggage Dorm        BN
Mail Storage        1114 (ex NP)
Mail Storage        NP 404
Coach            4448
Coach            4452
Coach            4457
Diner            BN 1154
Dome Coach        9402 (ex GN)
Dome Coach        BN 1324
Dome coach        GN 1323
Dome Dorm Lounge    CB&Q Silver Lounge
Dome Lounge        Ocean View
Dome Sleeper Lounge    NP 314
Parlor Lounge        Port of Seattle
Slumbercoach (24/8)    Loch Rannoch
10-6 Sleeper        Pacific Beauty
10-6 Sleeper        Pacific Meadow
11 Bdrm Sleeper        Placid Harbor
11 Bdrm Sleeper        Placid Meadow
6-6-4 Sleeper        Silver Hyacinth (ex CB&Q)
6-7 Sleeper        Bad Axe River (ex GN)

1974 Empire Builder
1974 North Coast Hiawatha
Local w/E9A A-A, Baggage & Coachesall with custom Cab and custom sound


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